I am a graduate student completing my Master’s degree in History at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA.  I had the privilege of completing my Bachelor’s degree (also in History) at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.  My primary research interest is Canada in the Victorian era through to the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.  Specific topics in this area include governments and political developments in the Canadian West, histories of transportation and infrastructure, and Canada/British – U.S. relations in the Pacific Northwest.

My capstone paper for my undergraduate studies at Western, “An Honest Government with Nothing to Hide,” studies the moment when the Social Credit League stood at the precipice of losing power in Alberta.  Ill-timed scandals and a miscalculated snap election resulted in Social Credit being brought to its lowest share of power at any point in its tenure before its ultimate fall.  This moment first caught my interest as a blip on a chart, an unexplained and anomalous dip in support for a party that seemed invincible.  I tend to believe that political histories open revealing doors into social and economic questions, and this proved no exception.  Urban and rural voters displayed different patterns and letters to the editor displayed a mistrust of the economic motives.  It is a project to which I keep returning, and perhaps one that I will someday refine enough to publish.

I look forward to several future projects, including a history of Canada Pacific Railway’s ferry fleet in British Columbia, public commemorations and celebrations of the US-Canada border, a study of when and why certain places were chosen for international land crossings along the 49th Parallel, and the publishing of several short-form stories on IslandHistories.com.